Quarantine Delight

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Jennifer Ehle’s performance in the1995 Pride and Prejudice BBC adaptation was one of most, if not the best, Elizabeth Bennett of all times. During the first lockdown back in March, the star took the time to read the novel Pride and Prejudice from her home, from the first word to the very last. And made that difficult time a little more tolerable and pleasant for her followers. some people even testified that listening to her read a book helped them recover from the corona virus.
Now, when once again we are locked in our homes, it’s a wonderful opportunity to introduce this hidden YouTube gem to more people who can benefit from it.

Indeed, there are a lot of videos of people reading Pride and Prejudice across the net. But only in this specific one can you hear it from the mouth of the true  Lizzie Bennett.
Needless to say it is extremely wonderful. 🙂

For the complete playlist on YouTube click here.

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