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Jane Austen Bookmarks

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a book lover’s gift, not to mention, a Jane Austen fan, will be a book, of course. But here comes the tricky part – Austen has written only six books and a true Jane Austen Fan will surely have read all of these. In this case you may want to get your loved one something which they will always cherish, get them something they would never have thought could exist with Jane Austen’s traces all over it. But where will you find it all?
Well, worry not, because we are here for the rescue. After all, Austen Gifts is all that our blog is about!
In general, gifts for Austen fans can sometimes reach up to hundreds of thousands of dollars, in case you want to get an antique first edition book signed by Austen. Assuming this is not the case, we have put together a list of cute and symbolic gifts at affordable prices that can be easily ordered with a click of a mouse. So let’s get to it!

1. Jane Austen Mini Book Themed Wine Charms

If you need to get a gift, chances are it’s because your friend is throwing a party. If so, this can be perfect: a set of 6 wine charms embellished with pearls and miniature Austen Books, to assign a cup to each of the guests. It is not something that needs to be kept with care on an enclosed shelf, it can rather be used at every event or even on a daily basis at dinner maybe. Indeed, this is the most practical gift. Especially with all the covid situation, it is better to identify each guest’s glasses.

2. Jane Austen Peg Doll

A hand-painted wooden doll of Jane Austen, dressed in the iconic blue dress, as she appears in her most famous portrait. This can be a great addition to the bookshelf. Imagine the figure of Austen standing right next to her books on the shelf. Or maybe, just to keep it on the nightstand while reading them.
By the way, the artist occasionally sells dolls in characters from Austen’s novels. Worth checking out what’s new in her store on Etsy.

3. Jane Austen Bookmarks

This is the most perfect and economical gift for any Jane Austen Fan. Austen-themed bookmarks which have the stroke of romance in their lovely silky ribbons.
Even when you read another author’s book, It can always be nice to find a Jane Austen-themed bookmark in it, with the most beautiful Austen quotes.

4. Jane Austen Tote Bag

An Austen fan on their way to read Pride and Prejudice in the park will probably also need a bag to carry the book in, isn’t that so? And even on a lovely day to work, who wouldn’t like a Tote bag which says something purely Austenian!

This is an example of the one we particularly liked. But there are many more possibilities in different designs and different prices. Take a look.

5. Jane Austen Coffee Mug

As there is no rain without clouds, there can be no reading without a cup of coffee (or tea, as we are dealing with the British). Same as with the bags, here too the possibilities are endless. But what’s nice about the one we chose is that it’s not one, but two! It’s a gift for a couple! She’s Lizzie and he’s Darcy. How romantic…

Her Mr. Darcy. His Lizzy coffee mugs set of 2
By CustomKreationGoods

6. Pride and Prejudice Book Scarf

Austen fans will surely have all the books by Austen, but what they may not have is a scarf full of lovely quotes and illustrations from Pride and Prejudice. That way, wherever they go, people will start a conversation with them about Jane Austen. Wouldn’t that be great?

P.S. You can get the scarf based on other works of Austen as well from the same designer on Etsy.

7. Jane Austen Illustrated Biography

Jane Austen Illustrated Biography

Chances are a real fan is already familiar with Austen’s biography. But it can certainly be exhilarating and refreshing to have an illustrated biography where one can visualize the life of his most favorite author. This can make a wonderful coffee table book. And also, a wonderful way to attract children and instill the love for the written word in the next generation as well.

8. pencils set Captain Wentworth’s most romantic quotes

The quotes from the captain’s letters will melt not only the heart of Anne Elliot, Persuasion’s heroine, but the heart of every woman on the planet. With such a pencil in hand, the muse will surely give the writer a visit. Who knows, maybe thanks to your gift and these pencils we will discover the new Austen?

9Pride and Puzzlement: A 1000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Pride and Puzzlement: A 1000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

This 1000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle for Adults is Featuring the Most Beloved Characters and Couples from Austen’s most beloved novels like Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice, Emma and Mr. Knightley from Emma, Elinor and Marianne Dashwood from Sense and Sensibility. It will surely be a fun way to meditate on a stormy winter day by the fireplace, with a glass of wine, which maybe, decorated with the wine charms we have mentioned at the top of this list. (;

10. Jane Austen Action Figure

10. Jane Austen Action Figure

It is a truth universally acknowledged that one cannot be a true fan without owning an action figure doll of your object of admiration. This cute doll, in the person of Jane Austen, dressed in typical Regency clothes, is holding a pen in one hand and the book Pride and Prejudice in the other. A real heroine for a true Jane Austen fan!

Jane Austen’s gift world is like a Garden of Eden with tempting fruits all around. You can never decide which to pick. This is just a tiny glimpse of the available choices . For more ideas see our carefully selected catalog.

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