Funny Jane-Austen-figure printed hoodie

3D Graphic Jane Austen Hoodie

Ok, this is hilarious. I suppose you could also call it genius.

One knows it is very common to find a Spiderman hoodie (or any other action figure) in almost every T-shirt shop, right? but did you ever conceive you could find one of Jane Austen?
well, apparently you can. On Amazon. And it looks like this:

It may take a few moments to realize this is actually Jane Austen. It’s easier once you place it next to Austen’s famous portrait wearing a light blue dress:

Now can you see it?
You must admit that no matter how many parades or festivals you have attended, you have never seen a costume like this before.
True, it is not a typical Regency dress. I would not wear it to a ball. But for a casual event, it might be worth giving it a try.
And look! In case you don’t want to stand alone, I found that you can even buy a gentleman’s hoodie for your Mr. Darcy to stand by your side. Or even of a regimental soldier:

It might be nice to go to a party dressed as Jane Austen, with Darcy on one side and Wickham on the other, wouldn’t it?

If you want to buy the hoodies, you can get them on Amazon:
(In case you do, please be so kind as to send us a picture of you wearing it 🙏😁).

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